Bonnie and
Baby Raelynn

Actual Patient Testimony

"My experience that day was amazing and one I will never forget."

My name is Bonnie. My journey started on March 8th of 2015 when I found out I was pregnant using a home pregnancy test. Against my own personal beliefs, family, and friends, I was considering abortion. I NEVER in my life thought that would be a consideration for me. I was looking up abortion clinics on Google when I came across the Kiem clinic in VA Beach. I wanted and needed to talk to someone who didn’t know me, wouldn’t judge me, and would just listen. I was lost, afraid, and not sure what the right decision was. I called the center to make an appointment. The ladies were very friendly and helpful. After learning that they offered free ultrasounds I now had another reason for my visit.


After having the ultrasound performed and seeing my baby on that screen I felt even more confused and scared, but I knew that baby was here for a reason. The ladies further explained abortion, the different types, the time frames I had to make a decision, and exactly what happened during the process. She provided facts, not opinions. My experience that day helped me decide to keep my baby and where to direct my life from that point forward. I felt like I meant something to those ladies and they were there for me to help me, no matter what I decided to do. My experience that day was overall amazing and one I will never forget.


Since that day, every month, I would receive a phone call from the same lady who met with me that day. She just was checking in and making sure I didn’t need anything and was doing alright. I now have a beautiful baby girl who makes every day worth living. I know without a doubt that God sent this little girl to me for a reason, even if my situation was not ideal, and I am so glad that I made the decision to keep her.

(c) Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater, 2017