Hannah and
Baby Carter

Actual Patient Testimony

"I was terrified of the unknown."

I was 18 when I found out I was pregnant, still living at home, no job, no license, no car, and not married. I wanted to wait until I was settled and had a stable job, was married, and living in my dream house before having children. My boyfriend, on the other hand, never wanted children. Neither of us were ready. I was unsure if I was going to have the baby, but the father of the baby was begging me to get an abortion, promising me he would pay for it. I was torn between the love of my life and the life of the unknown. I was terrified of the unknown.


I went to the Keim Center, a judgement free zone where everyone welcomed me like family. When I saw that heartbeat on the ultrasound and the baby moving I started crying my eyes out. I knew immediately I could not terminate such an innocent life. I decided to keep our little baby. Since my decision to keep the baby, my relationship has grown closer to God. God has given me the most perfect baby. My son’s name is Carter Mason. He is such a smart, handsome, little bundle of happiness who knows of nothing but love. He is the reason I smile, and the reason I wake up every day.

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