2021 Annual Benefit Banquet

Updates and Information

September 2021

Dear Friends,

This must be what déjà vu feels like. You see, it was last year at this same time that I came to you with the news that we were canceling our Annual Benefit Banquet, traditionally held in the fall, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Little did I know then that, twelve months later, we would be forced to make the same decision again.

For the second year in a row, we are having to make the extremely difficult choice to cancel our 2021 Annual Benefit Banquet. With the rise of the Delta variant and the all-too-real threat of another round of COVID-related restrictions, we have been unable to secure the assurances we need from our various vendors and partners to host this large and important event. Like last year, this puts us in a tough spot.

The Annual Benefit Banquet is our largest source of monthly financial partners that we call LIFEkeepers. Without LIFEkeepers, our monthly support would dwindle, and we would be unable to sustain the LIFE-affirming ministry that we provide to the growing number of women we serve every day across South Hampton Roads.

But I know that we are not in this alone. First, I know that our great God is with us. He has sustained us and provided for this ministry in miraculous ways throughout this pandemic, and I believe that He will not abandon us now.

Second, I know that you are with us. Though I’ve known this truth for years, I’ve come to know it in a deeper and truer way over these past 18 months: CPC is not made up of just me and my staff. CPC is a family. CPC is a community. CPC is an expression of the larger body of Christ scattered across South Hampton Roads coming TOGETHER in Christ around the shared value of the sanctity and worth of all human life.

TOGETHER, we are a voice for our most vulnerable and defenseless neighbors. TOGETHER, we are proclaiming the message of LIFE through Jesus to moms, dads, and families in their moment of crisis. TOGETHER, we are saving lives, sparing hearts, and spreading the gospel across South Hampton Roads. Because, TOGETHER, we are the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater. 

TOGETHER for LIFE with you,

Toby DeBause