2020 Walk for LIFE

Pre-Born Children Need You NOW More Than Ever!

At our 2019 Annual Benefit Banquet held this past November 7th, Toby DeBause, President of CPC, made a bold statement: “It’s about to be open season on pre-born children here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.” Unfortunately, this bold statement has recently become a new and dangerous reality with the passage of two bills in the Virginia Senate and House of Delegates that will allow almost unfettered growth of the abortion industry in our Commonwealth – an industry that has recently experienced a 6% growth in abortions here in South Hampton Roads. The carnage that is about to be unleashed is both sickening and unimaginable.

Now, more than ever, we need you to partner with us to raise funds through the 2020 Walk for LIFE. It is no exaggeration to say that 2020 will be a watershed year for the cause of LIFE here in Virginia. What has always been a hard fight has just gotten a lot harder, and it will force us all to ask ourselves: “what does the Lord require of us in this moment?” We cannot sit on the sidelines as thousands of children are killed through abortion. We need to stand up and speak up . . . and the Walk for LIFE is a great way for you to do both as you raise funds that will be used to reach abortion-minded women and save the lives of these precious children.

CPC receives no Federal or State funds to support our ministry. We rely 100% on the generous support of fundraisers and donors like you, and we are asking you to be a fundraising walker this year. Your efforts will literally mean the difference between life and death for many here in South Hampton Roads. Will you join us in the 2020 Walk for LIFE? Click below to get involved.

*Compliments of generous donors.
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