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Many patients come to us unprepared to enter parenthood. Some have not had examples of what it looks like to be a good parent, some are unprepared financially, and some don’t have a community to help them.   


At our 20-week Great Expectations parenting class, we meet each mom, dad, and family where they’re at to empower them to be prepared for parenthood. Our classes equip families in three ways: 

  1. With practical parenting skills, like breastfeeding, infant CPR, sleep training, etc.

2. With necessary baby items, like diapers, clothing, and toys, to help offset the initial costs of parenthood.

3. With a community of other expectant families, as well as with a community of believers from a local church who demonstrate and communicate the love of Christ.   

The course comes at no cost to the families and is made possible by gifts from generous people who love our moms, dads, and babies.  

Likewise, we couldn’t do this program without our volunteers from local churches who help facilitate the classes and care for the participants. For more information about the program, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you. 

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